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Oconee County Little League (OCLL) is operated solely by volunteers. The only paid personnel at the park are the umpires. 
OCLL operates on money collected from registration fees, fundraisers and donations from sponsors. We do not receive tax money from the city/county. The park and fields are maintained by the county, but baseball/softball equipment, concession supplies and certain field improvements are paid for by OCLL.

All Little Leagues are governed by a locally elected committee or board. The board is headed by a president. Coaches or Managers are selected by the president and league vice presidents. Again, all are volunteers.

All Little Leagues must adhere to rules and regulations set by Little League International (LLI). LLI is headquartered in Williamsport, PA. LLI does give local leagues rights to have some “local rules” that they can play by during the regular season. But, in the all star tournaments, LLI rules are strictly followed.

Little League is for players 4-12. Players 13 and older play in Junior and Senior league divisions

Frequently Asked Questions
Generally practices/games are twice a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday, for 60-90 mins.
• Once games start, practices end.
• Schedules are set once registration is complete and teams are formed.
• The scheduler works with OCPRD to determine which fields are available on certain days/times.

Seasonal dates and times are decided by the board. Once teams are assigned, your coach will contact you and give the times/days of pre-season practice (these are practices that your player must attend prior to opening day.) Practices and games may not always be on the same day every week.

What would level would my player be in?
Most leagues accept players from ages 4 (tee ball) to 16 (senior league). The level of play is determined by the age chart provided by LLI and can be found on their website or in the rule book. The month and year of your player’s birth determines your player “league age”. For example, your player’s actual age and his/her “league age” may be different.

What equipment does may player need?
Your player will NEED:  • Glove     • Cleats     • Helmet     • Protective Cup (boys)     • Pants 
(Pants color will be determined by coach once team colors are selected.)

The league will provide a uniform jersey, cap (T-Ball and Baseball), socks (Softball) game balls and catcher’s gear for catchers.

Some parents do decide to buy a bat, batting gloves and bat bags. Your personal budget will decide that. And please note, you do no need a really expensive bat or glove to be a good ball player! Follow the bat rules at

Do I have to register and pay online?
You must register your player online but if you wish, you can pay in person (cash/check) when the league has “onsite” registration days. OCLL offers scholarships for those who qualify.

If my child stops playing, can I get a refund? How is that done?
While OCLL realizes that unexpected situations occur, there are costs involved with registration, especially once uniforms are ordered and once teams are established multiple alterations after the fact disrupts the division as a whole. For these reasons the below refund policy has been established: 
Refund requests made after a player is registered but before teams are established will be made in full less a $5 processing fee.
Refund requests made once teams are selected (and in the fall once evaluations are held) but before the practice start date will be made in full less a $25 processing fee.
Refund requests made after practices start or uniforms are ordered but before the games start will be for 50% of what was paid (taking into consideration family discounts if applicable).
No refunds will be processed once games begin.
As with any policy, exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances (i.e. play preventing injury, family illnesses, moving, emergencies etc.).

Please email us with any questions at [email protected]

What levels/division are there in little league? What are the ages of the divisions?
T-Ball: These kids are ages 4-6 and just learning the sport. This division is for boys and girls. The players hit off a stationary tee. Scores and outs are not kept and every inning, every player bats. Most fun you will ever have!

Coach Pitch: These kids are ages 5-6 and may have had one or two years of play. The players hit a pitch thrown by the coach. Scores and out are kept.

Rookie/Machine Pitch Division: These kids are ages 6-8. At this level, some pitching is incorporated along with a pitching machine.
For Baseball:
Rookie A (league age 8 and some 6/7-year olds who score high in evaluations) incorporates two innings of kid pitch 
and four innings of machine pitch.
Machine Pitch (league age 6 and 7-year olds) is all machine pitch.

Minors Division: At this level it is players pitching to players all the time. These kids are ages 9-10 and really starting to understand the game.

Majors Division: This is technically the last time your player will be consider a “little leaguer” These kids are ages 11-12 and the competition and strategy is high.

Junior/Senior Division: These kids are ages 13-16. Some leagues may have a separate Junior and Senior divisions if they have enough in each age group.

Challenger Division: This division is for players with mental/physical disabilities. This is baseball in its purest form and a joy to watch.

How do I become a coach?
First, JUST ASK! Then you must pass a background check, take an online course and attend a coach’s clinic. You do not need to be a baseball or softball genius to be a coach. Just having general knowledge of the game is a plus. If you played baseball or softball in high school, you probably can be a coach. Send your email address to [email protected].

Each team needs a manager (head coach) and 2 coaches. As a coach you do need have patience with kids and a love for little league is a big advantage! If you are a coach, your son/daughter will be on your team. If you have 2 players playing in the same division they will be on the same team. 

How can my player make the All Star team?
First, the rules for All Star team selection is very strict and taken very seriously. A player must play the regular season in his/her approved district and play at least 60% of the scheduled games. Coaches nominate players and submit them to the OCLL board who votes on who they think are the 12 most skilled players in their divisions.

All Stars are the best of the best at OCLL and they will be playing the absolute best from other leagues and districts. The competition is sharp and fierce and all little leagues around the world think of this as the most important time in the season because it's a chance to show everyone the skills their players possess.

Kids who play OCLL but live in another county are NOT eligible for OCLL All Star selection.

Will my player be safe, playing at OCLL?
OCLL, like all other leagues around the world, always considers the safety of our children to be paramount. Absolutely nothing overrides a child’s safety. Baseball and softball are sports and like all sports injuries can happen. At OCLL, we take pride in knowing that every time we are at the park and kids are present we are keenly aware of anything and everything that may be unsafe.

We have a Safety Officer. Their say is final on determining something or a situation unsafe. Practices and Games can and will be stopped if there is an unsafe situation. EVERYONE, volunteers and parents, are encouraged to alert the coaches, umpires or the board if they think something is unsafe.

• All tobacco and alcohol products are strictly prohibited.
• Swearing and cussing is strictly prohibited.
• Abusive language is strictly prohibited.
• Abusive language toward a child will get you banned from the park and league.

We will not hesitate to call law enforcement if the situation is warranted.

Information about Oconee County Little League can be found at or on Facebook at Oconee County Little League or email us at [email protected].


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Oconee County Little League

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Oconee County Little League

PO Box 253 
Watkinsville, Georgia 30677

Email: [email protected]
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